Monday, December 31, 2007


I am making some headway on my latest project! Here is a photo and a detail of some fabric I printed using screens created with PhotoEZ. I love the PhotoEZ method of creating screens because I can go from an idea or drawing to a finished screen in about 15 minutes. I learned about the product when I took a workshop sponsored by Wearable Art Connection taught by Ginny Eckley at Quilter's Studio. Below is the screen I used for this project, made from an original drawing inspired by the photo of the liquid amber tree that I took and posted on Nov. 15, 2007. You can see what this fabric looked like before I printed on it on my post of Dec. 5, 2007, it is in the lower photo on the right.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sharing the joy of fabric painting

Today, Judy Rys and I painted some fabric. She wanted to see the technique I use in some of my fabric painting. This is my piece of fabric in the beginning. Paint, salt, and water is down, now it is just a matter of waiting to see the end result. Check out Judy's blog for more photos and her fabrics.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cute, but Hard to See

Last weekend Jim and I traveled to Reno to see our granddaughter in a performance of Finding The Christmas Star. It was cute, she was cute, and here are a couple of photos. She and her friend played twin sisters. Aren't they darling?
Of course it would be easier to tell if I would take better photos, but I seem to be getting worse. I will blame the poor photos on the miserable cold I had, it made everything look kind of glow-y.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Inspired, Finally

Here are some fabrics I painted last Sunday. After a long dry spell with no creative ideas that were interesting enough to pursue, I am inspired and have an idea I am excited to move forward with. I painted these for use in my upcoming project and was lucky enough to receive these
from one of my Fibervision friends at the Christmas party on Saturday. They all work very well together and are the right colors for what I've got in mind. I'll post more about the project as it goes along. I really do plan to have more than photos of fabric and parties on this blog!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Christmas Party of the Season

Here are some photos from the first Christmas party I've been to this season. It was the Fibervision gathering at Linda's house and the food theme was Mexican. We did a great job! The feast included Margaritas, Sangria, taquitos pappas, tamales, enchiladas, rice and beans, posole with all the extras, about three or four salads, including my Ensalada de Noches Buenas, and chocolate treats for dessert. After lunch we shared some of our Revision 2007 projects and some other fiber arts and then we had a fabric exchange. Most of the fabrics we exchanged were created by each person, a few were special commercial purchases, and all of it was spectacular. What a wonderful afternoon with a group of talented and creative women.