Sunday, April 10, 2016

Yellow Bag Challenge

Yay!  For once I have finished a project ahead of time!  This bag was made in response to a challenge that a group of friends are participating in.  The challenge is to use a piece of yellow boiled wool in a bag and it has to show at least 10% of the wool and is not due until June. 

A few weeks ago I was working on a project that suddenly went wrong.  I was happily moving along on Chinaberry Dream II when I realized that there was an ugly area that could be improved by adding some screen printing to break up the solid mass of paint and fabric that was bugging me.  Unfortunately, I used an old screen that had some of the emulsion washed away and the paint was a touch too thin and ended up making the ugly area uglier.  So, I painted and marked all over it with paint sticks.  And then spent a couple of weeks looking at and wondering what in the world I could do with it.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that it would be perfect cut up and used in the yellow bag challenge. So, something good came out of what felt like a disaster at the time. Still have a little of it left, too.  There must be something else I can do with it ...