Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Return of Pedro

I know I've been away from my blog for a long time, but I haven't been having a very creative year, so it didn't seem like there was much to share. This post still isn't about anything I've made, but many of you know about the great cactus stealing caper in last August and I thought you might enjoy this follow-up.

Now, when I chased after the machete-wielding thieves, I scared (yeah, right) them so badly they dropped one of the stolen chunks of cactus as they ran away. Jim dug a little hole for it, stuck it in the ground and crossed his fingers. Yesterday we came out of the house to discover that one of the fuzzy little nubs that had appeared on the top of the cactus had bloomed into this gorgeous flower:
Here's a closer photo:
And here's a very close up showing a little worker creature, doing his job and getting drunk on pollen:There are two more nubs on the top of this cactus, so hopefully in the next week we'll have more of these large, beautiful flowers. Those creeps chopped down our San Pedros, but these cactus are coming back and we've got the best parts!