Saturday, April 21, 2012

Buddha Abides 2012

Today I was fortunate to have this piece, Everyday Kwan Yin II,  accepted in the annual Buddha Abides exhibit here in Santa Barbara.  As usual, I was working on this right up to the very last second and so failed to get a picture before the ingathering.  After this photo was taken I trimmed it to straighten it out some and put a binding on it.  

The center area is a paper collage that I backed with Wunder Under so that I could sew through it without the paper tearing and falling apart.  There is a tissue paper collage that is painted, stamped and drawn on, then I printed a photo of my piece Everyday Kwan Yin and fused that on to the tissue paper with more Wunder Under.  The whole thing was fused to a piece of hand-painted fabric and machine quilted.  Sequins and beads were added to represent some of the bright shiny objects that distract us on our paths to becoming an everyday Kwan Yin.