Monday, September 1, 2008

More Fabric from Dye Day

Love these fabrics! I'll put up a few each day and hope my readers love them. It is very hard to not order dyes and supplies and make new fabric everyday.
There are several things wrong with having my own dyeing supplies: First, I live in a teeny house which is already filled to the brim with my art/quilt supplies and, second, I would never make another piece of art. I would simply make fabric, fabric, and more fabric until there would only be little trails through my house amidst the towering walls of fabric. I might never find Jim again, he'd be trapped back in the computer room, so absorbed in his writing that he wouldn't even notice that the door was completely blocked. Thank goodness for friends who share and save us from this fate.


Judy said...

Ya know, you can always come dye with me! I am so fortunate to have the dyeing space that we inherited when we bought this house 11 years ago....little did I know then that I would be passionately dyeing fabric in that building! But you are so right: my happiest days are spent dyeing and discharging, and then the next happiest days are spent quilting on my machine.
Jim is quite the writer! Thanks for sharing him with your blogger buddies.


Susan Italo said...

I am so totally not going to save you from your new dyeing addiction! You just come right on over here and we'll do it together! Piles and towers of hand dyed fabric-- what could be better?