Saturday, April 21, 2012

Buddha Abides 2012

Today I was fortunate to have this piece, Everyday Kwan Yin II,  accepted in the annual Buddha Abides exhibit here in Santa Barbara.  As usual, I was working on this right up to the very last second and so failed to get a picture before the ingathering.  After this photo was taken I trimmed it to straighten it out some and put a binding on it.  

The center area is a paper collage that I backed with Wunder Under so that I could sew through it without the paper tearing and falling apart.  There is a tissue paper collage that is painted, stamped and drawn on, then I printed a photo of my piece Everyday Kwan Yin and fused that on to the tissue paper with more Wunder Under.  The whole thing was fused to a piece of hand-painted fabric and machine quilted.  Sequins and beads were added to represent some of the bright shiny objects that distract us on our paths to becoming an everyday Kwan Yin.

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Maria said...

Hi Lora,
It's Maria…from the Paranormal Plus club. Remember me? I've been a bit busy with….well, lets just say 'Life' and leave it at that. I got the comments you left on my blog, sorry I haven't been responsive. I hope to be a bit more with it this year. :-)
This is a really interesting piece. I admire your ability to work across all these mediums. What do you consider as the one medium you work the best with?
Hope to see you in the Para Plus forum as well as in the blog comments.