Monday, October 1, 2012

Get Your Art On - Day One

This is not a very auspicious beginning for 30 Days of Get Your Art On.  Too danged hot in my work area for me to do anything besides melt over there!  I had to do something, so I chose the threads I'll be using for the Dyed Roads quilt.  May not be much, but I touched fabric and looked at colors and that's as arty as I'm getting tonight.

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Currie Silver said...

I hear you!! Thanks so much for your encouraging words on my Happy Timmy Day 2012. It is really fun to make art, put it out there, and then "meet" a brand new-to-me person who made time to LOOK at it AND comment!!

You come back Lora Martin [] so I came here to thank you. Would love your email if you care to share. I'll keep a lookout for your posts, too!!

xoxo Currie