Sunday, April 20, 2014

Days For Girls

Well, I certainly have been MIA for a long Won't promise to post more often, but I might....  

Finally ready to pack up this colorful project and send it off to do good in the world! The fiber arts group, Fibervision, decided to support the work of by making 28 drawstring bags, 56 shields, and 224 liners to help girls and women who are otherwise stopping their lives for a week to ten days every month during their menstrual cycles. It is impossible for women to get a full education or hold a job to improve the life of their impoverished communities when they have to hide themselves away on a regular basis. The stated goal of is: "Empower girls and women worldwide with more dignity, health and safety through quality sustainable menstrual management. Every woman by 2022." If you have high quality cotton and flannel fabrics, basic sewing skills, and the inclination, all instructions for making these kits is at Even if you don't have those fabrics and those skills, check out the organization. There is surely something you can contribute, even if it simply best wishes.

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