Friday, August 12, 2011

Out of Practice

Was lucky enough to have an extra day off this week and spent most of the day machine quilting my newest piece, Filtered Light. Well, not most of the day because I did some serious procrastinating first. Early in the day I washed and reorganized the plastic containers I use during fabric painting and dyeing, changed a light bulb and thoroughly washed the fixture, scrubbed a kitchen step ladder that has needed it for weeks, etc. You get the picture. When I am cleaning everything in sight, you can be pretty darned sure there's something else I am not dealing with!

Finally, I sat down with my machine and my quilt and began with the quilting I planned out last week. Not only am I out of practice, but apparently sewing machines can get out of practice, too. It took us a bit of concentration and patience to get a good rhythm going and still, I am unhappy with the results. The only cure for it is to quilt something more often.

The top photo is closer to the correct colors for this piece. More photos to come as things progress.

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