Saturday, November 22, 2008


Today, after the Fibervision business meeting, member Rene Jennings led a fantasy faces workshop. She wanted to make this last workshop of 2008 easy and fun and she certainly succeeded. Rene brought all the supplies and gave us basic instructions, encouraging us to relax and just play with the prepared fabrics. Thanks, Rene, we had a great time. I think mine is going to need a neck and some shoulders though, right now it kind of looks like a skeletal floating pirate head (perhaps I am still under the influence of my earlier Halloween post).

Mary Norton gave me permission to post a photo of her face, too. Love those eyelashes!


Judy said...

Wow, those are faces are a riot. Are you sure you didn't have a little wine at the meeting today? :-)

Judy said...

Love your new look Lora! Reminds me of a Mardi Gras mask! Looks like you had a fun time.


Barbara H. said...

Love the faces! They remind me of when I took a class with Pamela Allen.

Judy said...

It's Monday . . . and I'm back! Where's that postcard?