Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween - No Art, All Chat

I was lucky enough to spend Halloween at Disneyland with my daughter and grandkidlets. My sister was there, too, but she didn't choose to pose with Pooh. I love Disneyland and love these people, so I was very happy yesterday. The boys were in costume earlier in the day:

Grandgirl couldn't decide if she wanted to dress up and what she wanted to wear if she did, so settled for a Nightmare Before Christmas tee-shirt.

Speaking of Nightmare, I loved the way the Haunted Mansion was decorated for the holiday:

Took the train home from Anaheim and was so glad I spent the extra money for a reserved business class seat. The rest of the cars were full (some folks were even standing), primarily with kids headed for UCSB/Isla Vista and the insanity of that Halloween celebration. It sounded like the party was in full swing before we even got out of Los Angeles - hope all those kids are safe and sound today.

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Barbara H. said...

Your daughter looks so much like you! Sounds like a fun Halloween, glad you all had a good time. Darling grandkids! Grandkids make all those awful teen years with the kids worth it.... ;)