Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Tea Fire

A week ago tonight a horrific wildfire broke out in the hills of Montecito, right above Santa Barbara. It was a night of wild winds that drove the fire from ridge to ridge and the reports of new areas breaking out in flames kept getting worse all night. When the winds died down on Friday morning, 239 homes had been lost, thirteen people had been injured and one elderly man in fragile health died while being evacuated. Jim and I were lucky to have only been in the evacuation warning area with plenty of time to pack and prepare even though we never actually had to leave, but I know four families who have lost their homes and several who's homes were spared but are surrounded by devastation.

Tonight this area of California is under high wind warning and fire alert again. Very unsettling.

I did go to the last watercolor class of the quarter on Tuesday because substitute teacher #1, Peggy Oki, called and asked me to come. She brought supplies for collage and this collage entitled "Tea Fire" practically made itself. Guess I had something to work out. Don't know yet if this will have another version in fabric or if paper is sufficient.

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Barbara H. said...

You could always print it on fabric!